Air conditioning to Baicheng Tianxi electric passenger car exported to Australia hit two Guinness World Records

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In recent years, the major air conditioning giants have aimed at new energy automotive air conditioning, and the new energy automotive air conditioning is one of the biggest feature is the energy saving, to ensure that the car's battery life. In November 15, 2015, Wu air conditioning together 100% of new energy bus, I will research and design company TX32D new energy electric bus air conditioning assembly in 12.5 meters of pure electric luxury bus, exported to Australia, the bus in Melbourne on a single charge mileage of 1018 kilometers, respectively, to create and break "commercial electric bus mileage far" and "commercial electric vehicle mileage far" two world records! Fully proved Tianxi new energy electric air conditioning technology, new energy electric bus air conditioning export company and gladden the brand to the international high-end market has created favorable conditions!


At the same time Tianxi new energy electric air conditioner at present have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other places, and supporting domestic and batch long bus, Foton, CSR times, Hengtong bus and other well-known bus manufacturers.