Sichuan Tianxi Vehicle Technology Development Co. Ltd. and fruitful air conditioning

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Technological innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises to participate in market competition, the company's focus on technology research and development work, has introduced a great influence in the same industry in R & D personnel, set up a research and development team, after nearly a year of unremitting efforts, the success of pure electric automobile air conditioner is developed, and Master the core technology of the. Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office has officially accepted the company's electric air conditioners in terms of 5 patents, including 1 invention patents, 4 utility model patents. The company has successfully developed a series of electric air conditioning products, to meet the demand for air conditioning market on the various types of electric vehicles, at the same time, the company also has research and development and the ability to meet customer demand for personalized and synchronous bus manufacturer.