School enterprise cooperation to promote enterprise technology innovation ability

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In May 16, 2015, the national people plan distinguished experts, Dr. Hu Guangdi Dean of Southwest Jiao Tong University Automotive Institute visited the company in research, inspect technology research and development center, the company production workshop and the products of the company, and an in-depth discussion with the management of the company, has reached an agreement of intent cooperation.

President Hu said the company will recommend the product to the provincial departments and Chengdu bus factory, Chengdu bus factory.

President Hu Guangdi and general manager of the company, deputy general manager of a cordial conversation


To look at the company's products, accompanied by the company leadership


Listen to the company's deputy general manager of the product design concept


Hu Banghong, general manager of the company's product features


Visit the company laboratory


On the company production line products carefully view


New energy products for the company's new development - electric air conditioning is particularly interested in