Market investigation and Prospect Analysis of Chinese automotive air conditioning industry

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Global automotive electronics industry

Automotive lightweight, miniaturization, intelligence and power is the development trend in the future, the United States, Europe and other countries by improving compulsory regulations on safety and emission performance of the car, the rise of consumer electronics will promote consumer communication and entertainment function of car demand gradually increased, so the future safety control system and electronic communications and entertainment the system will greatly enhance the growth rate, the field will become the major automobile manufacturers as a key area of difference competition.

With the development of automobile, automobile enterprises will greatly depend on the automobile electronic technology to improve the performance of the automobile. With the promotion of security assistance and other products, the cost of automotive electronic systems will account for more than 60% of the total cost of the car. 2015, the global automotive electronics market reached $201 billion 900 million, an increase of 11.9%.

Global automotive electronics industry development situation

From the traditional cassette machine to CD, car MP3, car GPS dynamic navigation is becoming more and more popular, widely used from the single ABS standard to EBD, ESP and other electronic control system. In recent years, with the rapid rise of China automobile industry and the vigorous development of the automotive electronics market, one of the important direction of development as the fusion of informatization and industrialization, and connected with the automotive electronics industry two important areas of electronic information industry and the automotive industry, rich driving experience in improving the automobile, has made great progress.

In recent years, the global automotive electronics industry to 30% to 20% per year rate of sustained growth, far exceeding the speed of the development of the automotive industry. According to statistics, the proportion of automotive electronics products accounted for the value of the vehicle has increased from 5% in the last century to the end of 80s to the current 25%, and the middle grade car has accounted for more than 30%. Relevant market research report analysis, this proportion is still growing, is expected to be part of the value of high-end automotive electronics products will be as high as 50%.

As one of the world's most potential and growth of the car market, China's automotive electronics market in recent years has maintained a rapid growth trend. Statistics show that in 2007, China's automotive electronics sales reached 121 billion 570 million yuan, an increase of more than 40%. China's automotive electronics market size has been growing for many years more than 30%, the current industry is still in a period of rapid growth. Predicted that by 2010, China's automotive electronics market size will reach nearly 200 billion yuan.

According to the Ministry of information industry and electronic information division concerned, the rapid development of China automotive electronics industry, thanks to the domestic car market continued expansion, the rapid growth of private consumption and automobile product structure optimization, at the same time, the electronic information industry in terms of scale, personnel and products of automotive electronics development support can not be No. It can be said that it is due to the continuous integration of industrialization and information technology, so that China's automotive electronics industry ushered in the development of new opportunities.

Automotive electronics industry is a new industry which is formed by the interaction of electronic information industry and auto industry and the social division of labor. The development of automotive electronics industry depends on the degree of integration of electronic information industry and automobile industry. It is understood that, in order to accelerate the integration of Chinese electronic information industry and automobile industry, as early as a few years ago, the relevant departments have begun to use the electronic information industry development fund "doubling plan" projects, to support key projects in automotive electronics.

With the "two integration" of the deepening of the huge market demand for automotive electronics industry, has also attracted SKYWORTH, Shinco, TCL, Changhong and other domestic brands of household electrical appliance enterprises have set foot in. Some industry experts believe that household electrical appliance enterprises to enter the automotive electronics industry, not only to find a new profit growth point, but also to adapt to the new trends in the development of automotive electronics industry. "In improving the core competitiveness of automotive electronics, household electrical appliance enterprises have the potential advantage. Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises in favor of narrowing the gap between China's automotive electronics technology and international level, by virtue of good R & D team and excellent R & D capability."

Analysis of the global automotive electronics market in 2015

In the global automotive electronics market segments: security systems, tire pressure monitoring, ADAS, fuel injection, as well as the development of the Telematics field is as follows.

Automotive safety systems: in 2015 the global automotive safety system market size of $27 billion, an increase of 4.1% over 2014, is expected to reach $28 billion in 2016, an increase of 3.7%. The first reason for the slowdown is mainly deflation, and the price of raw materials in various industries has led to a decline in the price of manufactured goods. The second reason is the world's largest car market, China's rapid growth in 2015 may be zero growth, or even decline. Expected to be better in 2017, the global automotive safety system market reached $5.1%, up 29 billion 400 million.

Tire pressure monitoring: 2014 global TPMS assembly rate reached 36%, an increase of 6 percentage points over 2013; in 2015 the assembly rate is expected to exceed 45%, the demand is expected to exceed 40 million sets.

At present, the EU is the focus of the global TPMS, on the one hand, its 2015 TPMS demand is expected to reach 16 million 650 thousand sets, will exceed the United States to become the world's largest market; on the other hand also brought considerable TPMS after the demand. Many countries in the European Union in the winter cold, the new car is often required to sell another configuration of the snow, so in November after the TPMS mandatory regulations promulgated, the first derivative of the demand for the snow tire assembly TPMS. Whether it is the former or after the installation of the market, the European Union will become the largest TPMS market.

Mainland China in March 2015 completed the passenger car TPMS technical standards, and conducted a month of opinion collection. TPMS demand in mainland China