Haili held with the new energy vehicles air-conditioning compressor scroll ceremony

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The air conditioning network along with the vigorous development of the domestic official listing of the new energy vehicle market and Zhengzhou Yutong E7 models, the global leader in compressor highly group again, boosting the green new energy automotive industry. In August 8, 2014, in the car with highly group division held a car with an electric scroll compressor to the 300 Taiwan Yutong launch ceremony, which marks the highly group has entered the air conditioning industry of new energy bus.

In February 20th this year, Hitachi and Shanghai highly group Zhengzhou Colin vehicle Yutong Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Air Conditioning Co. Ltd, R & D innovation advantage, through field bus Yutong group market leadership and highly group compressor field together, in the new energy vehicle market competition got.

Yutong group as a set of product development, manufacturing and sales of passenger cars as one of the large modern manufacturing enterprises, production and sales of the bus is currently located in the first, with an annual output of passenger 4-5 million vehicles, especially in large public transportation passenger car selection on top. The successful delivery of 300 units, indicates that highly group vehicle scroll air-conditioning compressor market sales will be started.

Bench test and environmental test Haili vehicle electric scroll compressor after Yutong Company many times more than a year, 60 thousand kilometers of road test, successful harsh assessment, highly reflects the car with excellent performance of scroll compressor, excellent quality and advanced technology, it will be in the new energy vehicle market fad "sea" cyclone.