Bask in the automotive air conditioning enterprise "13th Five-Year" planning

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Yu Xin company will expand the field of thermal management system

It is understood that, in terms of products, Yuxin automotive air conditioning Limited by Share Ltd the main customers of Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, SAIC GM Wuling, the Great Wall, Chery, JAC and Foton automobile companies etc.. With the dragon project exports, Henan to develop the international market will continue to accelerate the pace of.

In terms of technology, Yuxin automotive air conditioning Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Hou Yuguang said: "in 13th Five-Year, we will continue to consolidate and develop the vehicle, ship, rail transit thermal management system, with application of broad-spectrum homologous technology, to further expand the field of thermal management system of energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent, transformation of manufacturing enterprises to manufacture service from the traditional enterprise. We will adhere to the positive development, improve the research and development framework and research and development system, the development of "efficient, intelligent, green (environmental protection, health)" of the product. In addition, we will continue to develop new efficient heat exchangers and modules (HVAC and cooling modules) products."

The future will be the new Henan, Dongfeng Group, SAIC Group as the core, the expansion of Changan, BAIC, GAC and other ancillary markets, gradually developing into high-end brands and joint venture brands in the end as the leading customer groups, and strive to become a first-class supplier of automotive air conditioning.

Nanjing aotecar will participate in international competition

Nanjing aotecar Amperex Technology Limited general manager Qian Yonggui told reporters that in 13th Five-Year "aotecar" period will closely follow the national and industrial policy oriented, with innovative products to guide the industry to a more efficient, better quality, more energy saving direction.

In the traditional automotive air-conditioning market, aotecar to scroll compressor is a new generation of advanced technology in the market, and has been a smaller, lighter, more efficient, lower noise for continuous improvement, constantly optimize the product.

At the same time, aotecar vigorously develop new energy automotive air conditioning related products, will continue to expand the domestic market share, and gradually go abroad to participate in international competition. Foreign auto air conditioning industry giants are both compressor business and air conditioning business, the implementation of modular supply. Therefore, aotecar preferred acquisition of international air conditioning such a famous old air-conditioning business, provides the basis for the modular supply aotecar to develop the international market, at the same time on the basis of the existing international air-conditioning market, a firm of international market.

Jiangsu super power group to develop new energy products

According to the Jiangsu power group air conditioning division general manager Wei Changhua introduction, Jiangsu super power group air conditioning division now has three production bases in Danyang, Hainan, Kaifeng, products include air conditioning box, a condenser, HVAC assembly, new energy vehicles with PTC water heater, mainly for the customer oriented system module product support, promotion system integration supporting capacity oriented customers continuously improve service value.