Aotecar acquired the world eighth largest automotive air conditioning enterprises

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The newspaper news (reporter Cha Jinzhong) reporter learned from Nanjing aotecar Amperex Technology Limited, the company recently invested $135 million, 100% of the overall acquisition of the world's eighth largest provider of automotive air conditioning system air international". Nanjing aotecar general manager Qian Yonggui said that after the completion of the acquisition, the two change aotecar will realize from parts suppliers to system suppliers, suppliers from domestic suppliers to the global "". Aotecar is expected in one fell swoop into the international market, the global top class international OEM supplier ranks, the future is expected to exceed 30% of the sales revenue from overseas.

Aotecar is currently the largest Chinese automotive air conditioning compressor manufacturing enterprises, 15 years ago by Qian Yonggui founded in Nanjing. And "air conditioning international" is originated in Australia, has a long history of 60 years of transnational enterprises, the world's eighth largest automotive air conditioning system provider, the technical level of the world class. "Air conditioning" international "years of work Chinese market, and aotecar had the strength of cooperation, understanding aotecar." Aotecar new energy Polytron Technologies Inc deputy general manager Wu Xingyu told reporters that the two sides of the "marriage", will bring about cross selling, integrated supply and technological cooperation of three major benefits.

"Aotecar is the vehicle air conditioning compressor provider," air international is the leading global manufacturer of air conditioning system, the two sides can form good complementary products." Wu Xingyu said, under the usual circumstances, the domestic and foreign leading vehicle manufacturers will be to the automotive air conditioning compressor suppliers and automotive HVAC systems suppliers were purchased products. After the completion of the acquisition, aotecar will form a complete product portfolio in the field of automotive air conditioning, have the ability to domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers also provide excellent quality of automotive air conditioning compressor and auto HVAC system, air conditioning system become the supplier overall car, so as to obtain the unique advantages in products to win customers, bargaining and other aspects, to improve the overall sales the ability and level of profit.

"Air international" attaches great importance to R & D investment, the development of a complete system of more than 75 of the global 25 companies have designed and, including general motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Chrysler, more than 30 car giant customers. The aotecar is an important supplier of parts Chinese domestic joint venture and independent brand car manufacturers, the two sides after the "marriage" will be able to service the majority of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, especially the "air international" can bring international heavyweight customers and overseas development opportunities. Aotecar is expected to complete the acquisition after entering the international market, the company has sufficient capacity in the "air international" under the help of top class international OEM suppliers worldwide ranks into the high-end market, there are more than 30% of sales revenue from the international market will be the future.

It is reported that after the completion of the merger, aotecar will integrate the core technology of both sides, the force in the new energy vehicle market. At present, the domestic electric compressor market of new energy passenger cars, aotecar occupy 60% of the market share in all aspects of products, technology and share in the absolute leading position. "Air conditioning international" has entered the field of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles for many years, to Master the application of new energy vehicles thermal energy management system of the core technology. The two sides will be in the field of new energy automotive technology sharing, together in the field to establish a strong competitive position, grasp the opportunity to develop new energy vehicles.