Many new brands to join CIAAR 2016, leading the first automotive air conditioning industry exhibition

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As the automobile air-conditioning and mobile refrigeration industry's first exhibition CIAAR 2016 - Shanghai international automotive air conditioning and refrigeration technology exhibition will be held in November 2016 16 to 18 at the Shanghai Everbright Exhibition kicked off this year's event will usher in a new batch of brand enterprises in the industry exhibition for the first time. At present, the booth has been basically sold out.

In many previous exhibitors in the exhibition this year on the basis of continue to show, with the market demands greater promotion to further expand the display size; and join the new brand also covers exhibition three industry sectors, including vehicle air conditioning and refrigeration system including the mobile Changsha Korea, Weili, automotive air conditioner accessories in the field of Zhejiang Park, Zhejiang, Shanghai TEDA, Guangzhou Hengsen snow Ling, Shanghai lions, Xi'an Rui Xin Di, and refrigeration technology in the field of South Korea DMP, Guangzhou were introduced.

South Korea Daguang, as one of the world's largest supplier of refrigeration units, for the first time to attend the CIAAR 2016 exhibition. "China's auto industry has developed rapidly in recent years, which has great potential for the development of the market." South Korea China Daguang person in charge of Jinzhe Mr. gold said: "as a 14 year development of professional development, CIAAR is the industry benchmark characteristics, high 'quality' plays a leading role in the exhibition, we come to the exhibition, hope that through this platform to introduce our products to potential customers in Chinese area, to further expand China business area."

Changsha Weili is one of the Chinese of automotive air conditioning, evaporation fan and condenser fan famous production enterprises, for the first time to participate in the CIAAR 2016 exhibition. The company responsible person Mr. Yang said: "we continue to visit the two Shanghai international automotive air conditioner exhibition, exhibitors from our peer companies, the quality of the exhibition is undoubtedly worthy of recognition, the audience is also very professional, we believe that this year can also be found in the exhibition should be partners."

Also for the first time to participate in the exhibition on behalf of the enterprise as well as Shanghai Rui lion. As China's top automotive air conditioning compressor manufacturers and service providers, the product is sure to get a large number of automobile manufacturers. The company is responsible for Mr. Zhang said: "I hope to be able to use CIAAR show in the mobile refrigeration industry to enhance the impact of the company's brand exposure rate. The exhibition, but also to promote the exchange of learning between the best opportunity for peer."

The exhibition of DONGNAM's flagship product from South Korea is high quality automotive air-conditioning compressor, evaporator, fan and other accessories, the brand of the year for KIA, Hyundai Daewoo, and other well-known brands to provide a stable supply of other accessories. Through the CIAAR exhibition platform, the company hopes to further expand the dealer channels at home and abroad. Thomas, the company's marketing manager, said: "for the automotive air conditioning industry practitioners, CIAAR is not to be missed in the industry event. It is our very important promotion channels in China, the show is not only the product itself, but also for the global customer's overall brand image. Rigorous attitude to create excellent products, I believe that the audience will keep in mind our brand."

China automotive air conditioning parts manufacturing base enterprise group debut

As the automobile air conditioning, mobile refrigeration industry professional display platform, CIAAR has been obtained at home and abroad, industry organization support, actively participate in organizations around the pavilion. Longquan Zhejiang rely on automotive air conditioning core key technology, industry supporting capacity, intensive industry division of labor, China's automotive industry has become the fastest and most potential leading industry. Nearly ten years of rapid development momentum, has been awarded the "China automotive air conditioning parts manufacturing base", "Zhejiang automobile air conditioning parts industry base" and other honorary titles.

Longquan automotive air conditioning industry association, the lead unit in the hope that the exhibition platform with strong industry resources, deepen industry exchanges, strong impetus to the development of local industries in Longquan and transformation and upgrading. This exhibition will have more than 40 home to Zhejiang Longquan auto parts enterprises form in these enterprises, with the world's leading product development and manufacturing, automobile air conditioner, covers all products and services in the field of mobile refrigeration.

In overseas markets, CIAAR in recent years has been much favored by Middle East countries, along with the rapid development of Bahrain, Iran and other Middle East countries of the automobile industry, the automotive air conditioning, mobile refrigeration products demand is increasing. As a neighboring country, the Chinese market has undoubtedly become the first choice of product imports, the current exhibition from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and other places overseas buyers will be organized by the local association organized a delegation to attend. In addition, from the United States Air Conditioning Association MACS member units will also be present at the show, to seek trade opportunities for industry.