TX18D 21KW/ 18000Kcal/h / 71100 BTU

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Model: TX18D
Installation Type: Roof Top
Dimension: 3200mmⅹ1740mmⅹ240mm
Pakcing Dimension: 3400*1940*440
Cooling Capacity: 20.93KW/ 18000Kcal/h / 71100 BTU
Heating Capacity: 16.3KW/ 14000Kcal/h /55300BTU
Voltage: DC12V/DC24V
Application Vehicles: Bus around 6-8 meters
Compressor Type :E66A320(520)B-0040H
Displacement & Power: 320(520)V AC Frequency /3.5KW
Evaporator QTY of Blower: 4
Coil Type: Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Air Flow: 4000 m3/h
Condenser QTY of Blower: 3
Coil Type: Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Air Flow: 6000 m3/h
Refrigerants type: R134a
Weight(Kg): 190

Product features

1, horizontal inverter scroll compressor technology, automatic regulation of cold;

2, do not need inverter, high voltage direct input compressor;

3, control system module, the protection function is perfect, safe and reliable;

4, heat pump technology, high efficiency and energy saving;

5, the installation is convenient, the line is simple, no body line;

6, choose R134a/R407c high efficiency and environmental protection refrigerant;

7, suitable for 7.0-8.2 meters electric bus;