TX30D 35KW/ 30000Kcal/h /118500 BTU

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Model: TX30D
Installation Type: Roof Top
Dimension: 4250mmⅹ1900mmⅹ230mm
Pakcing Dimension: 4450*2100*430
Cooling Capacity: 34.9Kw/ 30000Kcal/h /118500 BTU
Heating Capacity: 32.6KW/ 28000Kcal/h /111000 BTU
Voltage:  DC12V/DC24V
Application Vehicles: Bus around 10-12 meters
Compressor  Type:    SANYO
Displacement & Power: 220V AC Frequency / 8KW
Evaporator QTY of Blower: 8
Coil Type: Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Air Flow: 8000 m3/h  
Condenser QTY of Blower: 5
Coil Type: Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Air Flow: 11000 m3/h  
Refrigerants type: R407c

Product features

1, innovative independent dual system, according to the car temperature, automatically choose to start one or two compressors, and can be realized on both sides at the same time out of the air-conditioning / heating;

2, horizontal inverter scroll compressor technology, automatic regulation of cold;

3, control system module, the protection function is perfect, safe and reliable;

4, heat pump technology, high efficiency and energy saving;

5, the installation is convenient, the line is simple, no body line;

6, choose R134a/R407c high efficiency and environmental protection refrigerant;

7, suitable for 9.2-11.5 meters electric bus;