TX18F 21KW/ 18000Kcal/h /71100BTU

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Model: TX18F
Installation Type: Roof Top
Dimension(L*W*H): 2550mmⅹ1670mmⅹ200mm
Packing Dimension: 2750*1870*400
Drive Power(KW): 8
Cooling capacity: 20.93KW/ 18000Kcal/h  / 71100 BTU 
Drive Type: Engine Direct Driven
Application Vehicles: Bus around 7-7.8M
Voltage:  DC12V/DC24V
Power Consumption: 60A
Compressor  Type:  NINGBO HN-38
Displacement & Power: 380cc/r /7KW    
Evaporator QTY of  Blower: 4
Coil Type: Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Air Flow: 4200 m3/h                   
Condenser QTY of  Blower: 3
Coil Type: Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Air Flow: 6000 m3/h     
Refrigerants type: R134a
Weight(Kg): 110

Product features

1. The parallel flow condenser with high heat exchange rate, less refrigerant filling, matching compressor with less oil, light weight, greatly improve the system can effect comparing, with remarkable energy-saving advantages;

2. Unique design concept makes with hydrophilic aluminum foil rib copper tube evaporator can give full play to the refrigeration capacity;

3. Efficient internal thread copper pipe, hydrophilic aluminum foil, can effect comparing high;

4. The overall optimization design, make the product light weight, easy installation, simple operation;

5. Streamline design, beautiful appearance;

6. The application of high strength composite material, the shell has good anticorrosion aseismatic ability;

7. Suitable for 5 to 7 meters bus, city buses, tourist transport;